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School Life

Quality Education


Shared focus

About Us

We provide students in underserved communities with the education and experience they need that set them up for success in a career, help them discover their passion and dare to lead it.

Our Mission

To prepare children by instilling a passion for God, a love of truth, and a zeal to serve

Our Vision

To be a Gospel-driven and academically sound school for the underserved

The Christian Gospel

Develop a Christian interpretation of the Nigerian School Curriculum while upholding the teaching of the Bible and the curriculum to the highest standard to ensure that graduates have understanding of the Christian faith and worldview.

Quality Education

Provide the students with quality education and STEAM skills for coding, animation, etc. that will equip them for the future

Bridge The Poverty Gap

Develop and teach a bridge poverty gap literacy programme that will help the overgrown children become literate enough to read their Bibles and have basic numeracy skills.