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Ikota and How it all Started

The Ilaje Settlement Community, Ikota is a suburb off Lekki-Epe Expressway by Mobile Road, Lagos. There is a population of about 10,000 residents in the community who are mostly unemployed and unskilled labourers. The community lacks basic amenities like water, electrical and waste facilities with the majority of her resident living in the corrugated shanty structures.

The idea of establishing Liberty School Ikota was birthed in 2014 after a truck hit 3 school children between the ages of 5 and 8 as they crossed the Lekki-Epe Expressway to go to the Ikota Primary School. During this time, the Ikota Primary School was the only public primary school in close proximity to this sprawling ghetto settlement in Ikota which is home to hundreds of thousands of poor people.

For those who could attend the school, the wide and busy Lekki-Epe Road was a death trap, and crossing it was as daunting as getting enrolled among several other children who scrambled for the limited spaces.

Coincidentally, Hephzibah (a group of missionaries who preach the gospel to rural settlers) started a mission outreach at the same period, taking the gospel to the Ikota Settlement. Seeing the vast needs of out-of-school children in the community, Hephzibah started looking for land to build a school. The community eventually donated land and the effort to build the school commenced.

Today, from using a proximate community centre, the school has moved into its own building providing succour for both the aboriginal and the resettled Ikota community children and the parents.


The Christian Gospel

Develop a Christian interpretation of the Nigerian School Curriculum while upholding the teaching of the Bible and the curriculum to the highest standard to ensure that graduates have understanding of the Christian faith and worldview.

Quality Education

Provide the students with quality education and STEAM skills for coding, animation, etc. that will equip them for the future

Bridge the poverty gap

Develop and teach a bridge poverty gap literacy programme that will help the overgrown children become literate enough to read their Bibles and have basic numeracy skills.



- Olive Tree Parish | Kingdom Ministries | Liberty School


- Pastor Prof Yemi Osinbajo & Pastor Dolly Osinbajo


- Bash Fakorede


- Hephzibah